Trudy Montgomery

Trudy Montgomery
Trudy Montgomery is one of the next generation of artists in Cornwall whose work is part of a direct line of British expressionist painting which has its roots in the ground-breaking abstraction of artists such as Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon. Recently returned to the UK after fourteen years in California, she now lives and works in an idyllic corner of West Cornwall. Her tendency towards pure, bold colour on an immersive scale is influenced by the light and space of both the Californian and Cornish coast and the artist’s own spiritual landscape. Her work has been exhibited in London, Dubai, Los Angeles and Berlin.
Meditation Series
Trudy's series of Meditations emerged after a second visit to India in 2015 and, specifically, to Arunachala in Tamil Nadu.  Gradations of tonal colour, which can be related to layers of consciousness, provide a view into and of the Earth, as if from above and within.  These pristine landscapes with clear depths can be read as spiritual landscapes offering a sense of the purity and refinement of the land untouched by human contact
TM8 Meditation VIII in white

TM8 Meditation VIII shown in suggested frame of white with off white mount.