Rachel Redfern

Rachel Redfern - The Artist in the Woods
Rachel Redfern-‘The Artist Who Lives In the Woods’
Having patiently waited for the opportunity to embrace a childhood dream of being an artist, Rachel is passionate about sharing how life experiences and temperament have shaped her own view of landscape and people through painting.  Having completed her Masters in Fine Art, and working from the beauty and peace of the ancient woodland of West Sussex where she now lives, Rachel uses observation and memory as a framework for painting in the studio. Working from simple sketches she creates an emotional and gestural response to the subject tapping into both memory and instinct to influence both form and colour. Her work can be found in private collections both at home and overseas.
The Solitude Series
I have always had a fascination with that point where land, meets sea, meets sky. That infinite line that defines what might be on the horizon for all of us. Like many others I gravitate to the sea for both solitude and reflection in this hyper-connected world we all live in.  Recently inspired by the work of American poet Mary Oliver I have sought solitude in nature and that coastal meeting point has been the inspiration for this series of work.
Studio Shot Rachel Redfern
RGL3 in white[1]

RGL3 'Solitude III' shown in suggested frame of white with off white mount.